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Orbital Mechanics

Orbital mechanics is a game experience I designed and programmed from scratch with the intention of showcasing my combat design abilities. The player assumes the role of a small mining robot tasked with mining crystals off of nearby asteroids. However, while doing so they are interrupted by Crystal Pirates. They must then use their weaponry to destroy the enemy ship to stop them from stealing the crystals for their own nefarious gain.

The boss has 3 main phases, each adding a new ability to it’s arsenal. In the beginning phase, the boss is only able to utilise it’s turrets to shoot at the player from afar. In the second, it gains an indestructible shield. This shield slowly drains over time, however it can also weakened through the use of the player’s secondary weapon which runs on blue power-crystal energy. In the third and final phase, the boss gains a heat laser which is capable of super heating any asteroid the player stands on. This damages the player over time until they can evacuate the asteroid.

Game Trailer:

The game is available for download on both Steam and